Expert knowledge for specific industry
and global perspective

President & CEO Takafumi Fujita

We provide the necessary materials, components, and information with specialized knowledge and a global perspective. Takafumi Fujita, CEO, founded ADY in 1986 with the aim of supplying materials to the semiconductor and electronics industries, as well as importing and exporting plastic injection molds. Prior to that, he worked for a trading company and dealt with various materials related to electronics, and had extensive experience working overseas, which served as the basis for starting the business based on networks with manufacturers and suppliers both domestically and internationally.

Initially, we produced injection molds for mass production lines of inkjet printers domestically and exported them, thanks to inquiries from world-renowned computer and printer manufacturers. Since then, we have accumulated a broad track record in the field that has become our main business, such as the sales of carrier tapes and reels used for storage, shipping, and transportation of semiconductor and electronic components, and plastic cartridges widely adopted by resin and adhesive manufacturers.

As a "technical trading company," ADY searches for materials, components, and products that manufacturers require, undertakes negotiations and procurement, delivers them to the required time and place, and contributes to stable production. On the other hand, we always keep an eye on cutting-edge technology, attend exhibitions and trade shows worldwide, introduce manufacturers on behalf of suppliers, and play a role as a bridge for new technologies.

In addition to having production and sales bases in Taiwan, and Singapore, we also utilize the network of our partner, Dou Yee Group, which has been with us since our establishment, to respond to our customers' needs. If you have any problems, challenges, or projects that require materials, components, or information, please do not hesitate to contact us. With specialized knowledge and a global perspective, we will provide prompt and accurate support.