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About ADY

Specialized trading company with strong relationship and partnership with Dou Yee.

ADY is a trading company established in 1986 by current representative Takafumi Fujita, with partial investment from Dou Yee.
Dou Yee, founded in 1982, is a global enterprise that covers a wide range of fields including the manufacturing, sales, and development of electronic packaging materials and precision metal injection molding. With approximately 50 group companies, Dou Yee has over 3,500 employees worldwide. Soo Ye Wah, the current Executive Chairman of Dou Yee, participates in ADY's management as a director, and together they achieve development, manufacturing, and sales with the strong network of the group.

Business Field 01
Plastic Injection Molded Cartridges, Caulking Guns

Plastic cartridge and assembly business

Two years before our company was established, in 1984, Hewlett Packard developed the world's first personal inkjet printer, which later became a global hit product. Although it is now taken for granted, this model caused a rapid increase in demand for cartridges because the entire ink-filled plastic cartridge had to be replaced. Mass production required molds, and a request was sent to Fujita to produce low-cost and high-precision molds for injection molding, making it possible to establish a factory mainly in Japan that met these requirements. This led to orders from companies requiring similar injection molding for about 10 years, starting with the Hewlett Packard first model. Currently, through our P&A branch in Suita, we handle sales and setup of various plastic cartridges and caulking guns as well as outsourcing services such as filling.

P&A Department (Suita City, Osaka)
P&A Department (Suita City, Osaka)
Plastic cartridge and assembly business
Plastic Cartridges

Business Field 02
Packaging material for Electric devices

We offer a diverse product lineup accommodate various packaging needs.

In the electronic component packaging materials business, we offer a total solution backed by the production capacity, supply strength, and procurement power of the Dou Yee Group, including carrier tape and reels produced by C-Pak, a subsidiary of Dou Yee, as well as plastic trays, anti-static and moisture barrier bag, and more. In 1996, we established Sonic Singapore Pte Ltd, which is responsible for slitting processing of cover tape, etc. This serves as both a marketing activity base and production base that responds promptly and flexibly to the demands of local subsidiaries with production bases in Southeast Asia, China, and Taiwan. Our sales operations in Japan support customers nationwide from our head office (Osaka) and East strategic sales office (Saitama pref Tokorozawa city).。

East Japan Branch Office (Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture)
East Strategic Sales Office (Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture)

Business Field 03
SMT Test Device (Dummy components, Substrate)

Support your SMT establishment with Dummy parts.

Miniaturization and high-density of electronic components is being expensive, therefore yield improvement is high priority at production, as well as minimizing losses during packaging and subsequent assembly processes. On the other hand, during testing of taping devices and development and evaluation testing and demonstration of various production equipment related to surface mounting, it is necessary to have alternatives equivalent to actual parts. Moreover, there is a wide range of needs for the development of soldering materials, adhesives, various inspection devices after surface mounting, sales scenes, employee training, etc. To meet these demand, ADY has launched SMT Test Device Section, offering various components from TopLine in the United States. The lineup includes dummy electronic components such as BGA, QFP, CSP, SOT, dummy wafers, CCGA (ceramic column grid array), PID (particle impact damper) for substrate vibration countermeasures, and custom implementation evaluation substrate kits.

Business Field 04
Hermetic Package

Provide hermetic packaging with reliability and quality at Santec Japan.

Various sensors and communication devices require hermetic packaging using inorganic glass to ensure high reliability even in harsh environments. In 2009, ADY's representative, Mr. Fujita, acquired a factory in Yamanashi with hermetic sealing capability, and established it as a subsidiary company named "Santec Co., Ltd." We offer a wide range of products to meet diverse needs, including TO-type caps such as DUV package compatible, TO stems (headers), flat glass lenses, dome lenses, non-spherical lenses, optical coatings, optical sealed lids that solder joint optical windows and metal shells, various lenses, and special-shaped (custom) headers/caps.